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([personal profile] angelmisha May. 18th, 2007 01:59 am)

Contrary to the fact that I appear to be online for the majority of all-time, I seem to not have any time to write here anymore. I've been working on my palaeoecology report for the past forever (it seems as such) and I haven't slept all that much in the past 3-4 weeks (coffee my friend, my saviour!). Sometimes university life is so slow and you feel there is nothing to do, and then all of a sudden its a whirlwind of activity, presentations, reports, and the masses and masses of journal papers accumulating on my desk that are snarling at me to be read, eeeekk! The past few weeks I have had at least one assignment in each week. I signed up for too many courses because I enjoy feeling the burn of work, as much as I may moan about the workload, and I don't want to miss out on fun courses that won't be running next year!

Tomorrow is hopefully going to be a bit nostalgic for me, if all goes swimmingly I will be able to hand over our society to some 2nd years to take care of, along with the tidy profit we've accumulated this year. I've really enjoyed being in charge of GeogSoc, and stupidly for some reason I will miss papering the whole of the geography building with flyers.

Firstly. Happy 18th Birthday Lisa :-) I hope you had a wonderful day (and have a great BBQ!) and that you manage to find something special as a gift from your parents!!!

Secondly. Arsenal's end of the season...whut. I'm now left wondering if Freddie's last ever game for us was something I didn't even get to watch on MotD, which depresses me. I hear rumours of him going to Newcastle, and honestly I could think of few Premiership teams I would less like to see him move to now that fat cunt is in charge there.

Thirdly, I have a new e-mail address. As is periodical for me (every 6 months or so as I am a fidget, I will be changing my primary e-mail address, but for now this will be my secondary one but for those people with MSN feel free to add it :3

Finally. As I probably will not have time between now and the 7th to write another entry I'll explain the little image that relates absolutley not at all to the reason I will be gone!

I'm off to study how soils, geology, aspect, climate and other excitingly geographical factors influence the viticulture industry in Walla Walla, Washington (home of Mayor Adam West!), I also get to visit Mt St Helens which I am SOOOOO excited about!! My first ever real-life volcano, eeee!!!!

I'll be back in the grey and sparkly Aberdeen by the 29th June, take care everyone ^__^
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