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2009-05-15 09:05 pm
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Well here goes my first post on Dreamwidth...!

So err, hai, to anyone who stumbles here!
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2009-04-20 10:17 pm

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Is anyone getting or has anyone already got a dreamwidth account?
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2007-07-23 10:12 pm

Bye bye my Freddie :-(

I'm in my happy place remembering those happy times we've had together...

Thanks so much for the hug [ profile] pablo___!
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2007-01-07 01:10 pm



That little under-achieving North London football team that holds a large place in my heart played some DAMN SEXY FOOTBALL YESTERDAY!!!

Rosicky's first goal, playing that 1-2 with Hleb and a right last touch, brilliant! 2nd goal, there were 9, NINE Liverpool players around him!!! And Henrys, what a chase for the ball, brilliant! I screamed alot so the girl in the flat above turned her music up reallly loud haha.

From around 45-70 minutes I DID hold my breath the whole time and did alot of begging, but we held out, that 1 Kuyt goal just spoiled my mood somewhat but hell we did it and we did it with style! *blatantly ignores the period of the 2nd half where Liverpool had 70% possession*
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2006-07-22 08:30 pm
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Farewell to the Ice Man

Dennis Bergkamp - Arsenal 1995-2006
Legend!! )
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2004-03-09 07:12 pm


Where do I start?!?!?!?!?!

OK, me n Lizzie made a bet cause I thought Fran would wear that HAT! freaking hell! BUT HE DIDNT!!! SO I WAS REALLY HAPPY!!! then I owed Lizzie ¬.¬

ANDY!! yeh mon!! He so grinned at us!! How couldn't he, we were practically under his nose! Nearly cought his towel too, and was close to Fran's towel! BLAH!! Next time throw a little harder guys!!

They played for 2 hours, and as soon as I can find the set list ima post it (oh yeah, note to self for next time, stay behind for a set list!)

OK!! Found it!!

happy to hang around
u16 girls
writing to reach you
pipe dreams
love will come through
the fear
beautiful occupation
mid life krysis
as you are
somewhere else
all i wanna do is rock
humpty dumpty love song
flowers in the window (fran alone on stage)
know nothing (dougies b side to lwct)
more than us
why does it always rain on me

If that aint a solid-as-hell st list, then I dunno what is!!

In a nutshell, amazing night, amazing music, AMAZING band, I miss em! and can't wait for next time!
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2003-12-23 08:41 pm

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Starting a new journal again! I think this one will be easier to do then to keep updating my info on my website, plus my website is crappy anyway.